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A carefully executed preservation of the complete frame and body and all cavities are essential for the CXs longevity. For years we have successfully applied a special anti-corrosion grease from Mike Sander. It was winner of several test-runs and achieves a thorough long-term safeguard against corrosion as it does not harden as other waxes usually applied. It has a fantastic ability to creep, especially in the summer time.
Hidden cavities are made accessible by small holes. The grease is applied at approx. +90įC. A thoroughly dry car is compulsary before starting work. In addition FluidFilm is used, a grease that is easily applied and which is characterized by an increased adhesive performance. FluidFilm can also be applied for short-term protection of already corroded niches.
FluidFilm is also available in small cans for home application.
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