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On the wheels originally supplied by CitroŽn the following tyres can be fitted:
185R14 (all CX except GTI Turbo)
195/70R14 (all CX)
195/65R14 (all CX)
*a 9 km/h speed reduction
Please check for legislation in your country.
Principally there are two different wheel-sizes for the CX:

14" wheel made out of stell or aluminium 5,5J14 respectavily 6J14 (5,5" respect. 6" width / 14" dia.)

The TRX-wheel in steel and aluminium 150 TR 390 (150mm width / 390 mm dia.)
14" steel wheel
Manufacturer: Michelin
over the years 5 different versions:
Offset 49: suitable tyre-size 185R14
Offset 45: suitable tyre-sizes 185R14 and 195/70 R 14 bzw. 195/65 R 14
14" alloy-wheel
6J14 ET 45
Manufacturer: SMR (France), AMIL (Belgium), GKN (England), Virax (France)
150TR390 ET 45
Manufacturer: SMR (France), Lemmerz (Belgium)
TRX-alloy-wheel "TURBO"
150TR390 ET 45
Manufacturer: SMR (France), Speedline (Italy)
TRX-steel-wheel 150TR390
150TR390 ET 45
Alternative to TRX Wheels: 195/70 VR14 respect. 195/65VR14 (cleared by CitroŽn) on 5.5 J14 or 6J14 (both steel / aluminium); 205/60 VR15 on 7J15 steel / aluminium wheel (individual acceptance by the TUV, possibly some body work required on the wheel-housing of some CX; nearly all wheels used on CitroŽn Evasion or Alfa 164).
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